Here’s what leaders are saying about Kari Eso:


Senior Pastor Mark Garver                 Cornerstone Word of Life Church
Madison, AL

Kari is a graduate of our School of Ministry here at Cornerstone Word of Life Church.  Therefore, I am confident that she has been taught solid doctrine and she has the tools to minister the Word of God.  Kari is gifted especially in the area of finance.  I believe because of the projects I have seen from her and in observation of her help to her fellow graduates and church members, she would be able to help many believers in the area of finances personally and in a teaching setting.

Pastor Carrie Dodge
Oasis Family Church
Albuquerque, NM

Kari is a dynamic individual with an innate ability to see the big picture. Her passion to see people walking in total financial freedom is an incredible asset to the Church. She strives to live her life as she gives in her life and I believe, this is a quality we all need today. As a speaker, she purposes to bring valuable information to her listeners, while teaching practical and Biblical principals for everyday life. Simply put, she is a gift to the Body of Christ and your ministry, church or business will grow stronger through her influence.


Anne Campbell
Missions Director, Cornerstone Word of Life Church, Founder The Way Commission

Kari Eso is anointed by God to teach both practical and spiritual aspects of prospering God’s way. She has a passion to help people reach their financial goals and God given assignments, and she has extensive knowledge in many areas of finance.  Kari holds herself to very high standards, as a woman of the Word, integrity and of excellence.