Kari is Live on FaceBook every Thursday at 1pm Central time.  In case you missed any of the live broadcasts, here they are here:

5 Tips to get out of debt part 1 (tips 4&5) https://youtu.be/4CkqNUf4wOs 

The Equifax data hack https://youtu.be/l1spfTPqmhs

Reviewing personal finance apps and bots https://youtu.be/1H-1ordD02k 

3 Things you’ll want to know about side hustling https://youtu.be/TAofXjCeJsM

#1 Thing you need to know about couponing at Publix https://youtu.be/2Z71stivQLo

3 Easy ways to rebuild your credit even if you have good credit https://youtu.be/eUNNpUMun5o

What about 401ks make me mad https://youtu.be/NXq1R3VQ9Yk

How to get more money on your paycheck by increasing your exemptions https://youtu.be/mwpOUwM9R8o 

3 ways to stretch your dollar https://youtu.be/EUAXlJaVpHY

How to make money by taking advantage of price differences https://youtu.be/_WEdkUa_WEM