Kari teaching at a seminar for a ladies meeting.

Teaching about practical financial principles to help people live more prosperous lives is the heart of the Practical Prosperity seminar. In light of this, Kari teaches concepts that will help bridge the gap from your current financial situation to living the good life that has made and preordained for you.

The seminars are FAITH BASED and they are done in a workshop format.  The subject matter of the seminar can be individually tailored to your congregation or group.  For example, you could create three varying degrees of depth on the same topic (for example101, 201, 301) or three separate topics.

Practical Prosperity seminar topics include Strategies for Debt-Free Living, Why Money Management Sounds Better Than Budgeting, Credit Repair, Investments, Retirement Planning,  Understanding Insurance, Finding Tax Deductions, and Wills, Trusts & Estates.

Below is an example of a seminar schedule:

Practical Prosperity

Helping people live more prosperous lives. 

A personal finance seminar.

8:30 am Registration with Continental Breakfast

9:00 am Introduction

9:05 am Topic example:  Money Management

10:00 am 15 minute break – Coffee, soda and snacks

10:15 am Topic example:  Strategies for Debt-Free Living

11:00 am 15 minute break – Soda, Sweet Tea and snacks

11:15 am Topic Example:  Retirement Planning

12:00 pm 5 minute break

12:05 pm Q&A

12:30 pm Dismissal

In addition to attending the Practical Prosperity seminar, you will Kari is available to speak at your location.  Pastorswomen’s groups, community organizations and teachers will all benefit from having her speak at their churches, businesses, functions and classrooms.