As a guest speaker, Kari brings with her a powerful, down-to-earth sermon, teaching on the prosperity that God has promised us in His Word.

God has called Kari to teach the Word of God on finances and to help pastors, missionaries, and itinerant ministers and congregations to put this word into action.  Kari desires to see believers go from hearing about the provision of prosperity to experiencing it.

Kari teaches the Word from the pulpit

Kari has a gifting in the area of finances, and ministers the Bible in an engaging, humorous style inspiring listeners to better their personal finances.

Guest Speaker
Pastors will appreciate how Kari’s sermons inspire congregants to place a higher value on budgeting, giving, investing and more.  Pastors find that the overall health of the church increases when church members know how to focus their faith on their finances.

As a Christian, Kari understands the value pastors place on their pulpit and she treats her church speaking engagements with the highest regard.  Kari is a 2015 graduate of Cornerstone Word of Life’s School of Ministry.  Click here to watch her promo video.

Kari also conducts seminars and offers financial counseling.  Want to know more?  Contact Kari.