What is a Practical Prosperity seminar? FAQs

A Practical Prosperity seminar covers practical financial principles that will help believers to live a more prosperous life.  Practical Prosperity seminars are held on Saturday mornings and start with a continental breakfast.

Kari will teach on such topics as Personal Finance, Money Management, Debt Management, Savings, Investing, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning and Insurance as appropriate.

Practical Prosperity seminars have a Q&A session at the end.

What happens at the meetings?

The meetings start with a Practical Prosperity seminar on Saturday, with a continental breakfast then teaching on personal finance.  Then on Sunday morning Kari teaches a message from the Bible on financial prosperity to your congregation.  Kari stays over until Monday and makes herself available for any financial counseling your church members want to schedule an appointment for. Counseling appointments are typically 30 minutes and are filled on a first come, first served basis.

What do we need to provide for the seminar?

A point of contact at the church can assist in coordinating various aspects of the seminar, such as location, tables, seating and refreshments.  For church services, Kari will need a microphone, access to audio/visual equipment and a mic check half an hour before the service.  For the meetings on Monday, a room offering privacy will be needed.  A trusted confidant should be made available for meetings in which case the meeting is with a man (either single, or married without his spouse in attendance).

What expenses will I have to pay for when Kari comes?  Do you require a speaking engagement fee?

This is a financial ministry of Kari’s. Airfare, hotel, meals and ground transportation expenses are all handled by our ministry.  A speaking engagement fee is not required, although love offerings will be accepted.  Practical Prosperity seminars have a small registration fee to cover the cost of the seminars.

If you are ready to book a meeting Contact Kari with your information.